What My Clients Have To Say

"After each coaching session with Laurie-Ell I felt energized and focused! It was great to look at my life holistically and then focus on the areas I really wanted to improve upon. She helped me organize my thoughts with the questions and activities she brought to our meetings. With Laurie-Ell’s support I was able to prioritize what matters to me most!"
Lee-Ann Cross
Teacher/Learning Coach "St. Gregory Elementary School"
Working with Laurie-Ell has been a true pleasure. She is very well trained and knowledgeable in the Daily 5 approach to literacy. Her expertise in this area has allowed me to make important reflections upon my classroom set up with regards to D5. The conversations that were had with her as a coach were very meaningful. She has provided me with effective strategies to make my classroom D5 even more successful. It was easy and comfortable to work with Laurie-Ell; approachable, flexible and motivating are but a few words to describe her! I hope to work with her again soon.
Deanna Cederstrand
Teacher "Ecole Mountainview School"
"Aside from the fact that she is my mom and I'm a little biased, I am happy that she is working with me to realize my dreams. It's not easy trying to create your life without direction. I'm in my first year of University and I have had many times where my Mom has had a coaching session with me to help me overcome fear, build direction for my life, and empower me to be all that I can be."
Joshua Bashforth
“I have been working with Laurie Ell for 4 months. In all honestly I went into this relationship with an air of skepticism. I could not have been more wrong. I realized 20 minutes into our first session how valuable a tool business coaching could be. I have been able to develop key objectives that I believe will help me attain my goals. Laurie Ell has a knack for helping me find my voice of reason. I am able to focus and prioritize more efficiently. I also find myself looking at problems in different ways. She is an asset I will continue to utilize.”

Alexandra Hotte
Branch Manager "Pat's Auto Supply"

Review Spotlight

Over the last two weeks I've had the pleasure of meeting with and learning from Laurie-Ell Bashforth. Just this year I started teaching French Language Arts using the Daily 5 program (a literacy structure that allows for differentiation in the classroom). Early in the school year Laurie-Ell came to our school to teach our staff how to use Daily 5 in our classrooms. From the first day I met Laurie-Ell, I was inspired by her style of teaching and coaching. She had us all up out of our chairs and participating in her instruction of how to implement Daily 5 in our classrooms. The staff at my school were all taking an active part in our learning of the Daily 5 methodology. There was no option to be passive or tune out. We were all present and fully engaged, talking, listening and sharing ideas when instructed to do so. At the end of each meeting, she would have us set a small attainable goal that we could accomplish before the next meeting. This goal setting helped me to establish Daily 5 in my classroom one step at a time. So when I heard of the opportunity to have Laurie-Ell spend time with me individually as a Professional Learning Coach, I knew that I would benefit and in turn, so would my students.

During our first coaching session, Laurie-Ell helped me analyze and prioritize the needs of my students and classroom. At the end of our hour together I had a specific game plan of how to go about keeping my students engaged and focused in the last 6 weeks of the school year during our Daily 5 language arts time.

I knew that there were parts of my Daily 5 instruction that I could improve on, but I didn't know where to start or how to start improving my teaching. And to be honest, how often do we stop and take the time to analyze what's going well and what could go better. As a teacher, I find that I can get so busy going through the daily routines of classroom teaching that I don't stop to analyze or create a plan of how to do it better, especially at this time of the year. We know that establishing attainable goals is the key to seeing progress and success, this is why I appreciated my time to meet with Laurie-Ell. It was a structured time to sit down and establish specific goals to improve my teaching.

Laurie-Ell helped me to determine:

1. What I wanted

2. How I would know when I got there (the evidence)

3. And how I can get there

I am pleased to say that 7 days later when Laurie-Ell came to observe my class, I had reached the goals I had set for myself and my students. I now have other specific goals that I am working on from now until the end of the year. Thanks to Laurie-Ell's coaching I was able to come up with specific, measurable and achievable goals for my teaching of the Daily 5 program. I highly recommend taking the time to meet with a Professional Learning Coach like Laurie-Ell if you want to take what you are doing to the next level.
Teacher "Ecole Mountainview School"