One on One Coaching

Coaching  is done on a  phone or web platform.

Each package begins with a complimentary Inquiry Session to discuss your focus and direction, as well as to answer any questions.

Session package options include:
One-At-A-Time, 1 Month, 3 Month

A One Month package consists of 3, 30-45 minute sessions that will develop your personal or professional growth and move your vision (ie: what you want), forward to its full potential.

Please schedule a complimentary 30 minute inquiry session to discuss what would suit you best.

Coaching for Canadian Teachers - Jasper, Alberta
Life-coach & Educator Laurie Ell-Bashforth


” When women grow together, we blossom.”

Are you a beginning teacher in her first 3 years who’d like to have a supportive Learning Community?  Zoom in once a month from August to June, with me and 5 other gorgeous educators just like you.

Share  what you’re struggling with.  Celebrate what’s awesome.   Get your own personal mentor to help you navigate this challenging profession, and show you how to teach and lead with heart. 

Only 6 spots available for 2018/19 school year.



Be inspired to action.  Fill your life with gratitude. Learn how to get control of your life.  Figure out how to dial back time.  These are only some of the topics in this treasure box of life tools.

Check back for an update soon!