Joy, fun, connection, belonging, beauty, etc.
These are all life changing forces that we all desperately need.


Hi, I'm Laurie-Ell


I'm an teacher, a mentor, a coach and a courageous optimist dedicated to helping you live a life that's good.

More About Me


  • Laurie-Ell has helped us become more empathetic towards each other, and it has minimized the negative way we had interacted with each other both individually and as a collective whole.


    Tim Fafard Principal - St. Gregory Catholic School
  • I have been able to develop key objectives that I believe will help me attain my goals. Laurie Ell has a knack for helping me find my voice of reason. I am able to focus and prioritize more efficiently. I also find myself looking at problems in different ways. She is an asset I will continue to utilize.

    Alexandra Hotte Branch Manager - Pats Auto Supply

Living Well With Laurie-Ell